You can leverage the tools available in Natero to help you track and manage the QBR process more effectively. Below are some best practices we recommend. 

Capture QBR related data

Capture QBR dates as a custom account dimension in Natero.

Capture the customer's 3/6-month goals as a note in Natero so that the CSMs have easy reference to them when building out the deck.

Setup QBR reminder

Set up alert (based on the QBR dates) to remind CSMs of upcoming QBRs. 

Build Alert Playbook to guide on next steps

Create QBR alert playbook with explicit steps on how to build out the client QBR decks. You can attach the most recent internal template for the QBR as a document to the playbook so that the CSMs have it right there when they see the alert task. Playbook tasks can include reminder to deploy QBR workflows to track each milestone more diligently. 

Build Account Workflow to track QBR process

Build out the account workflows to track QBR process. Deploy the QBR workflow when you receive the QBR alert for an account.

Build per account dashboard to monitor key metrics

Build out account metrics dashboard to monitor key metrics you'd like to monitor on a per account basis. Reference them by name in the QBR playbook so that the CSMs can quickly pull the data from the account details page they need without digging around on their own.