Natero does not provide NPS survey as a native feature, however, you can sync in account NPS history through 3rd party integration with an NPS tool of your choice. 

Once your NPS integration is live, you can leverage Natero's rich features to track and analyze account NPS on an ongoing basis. If you use Wootric as your NPS system, you can even use Natero's automated email trigger feature to schedule your Wootric NPS survey based on smart trigger rules and pre-saved templated emails. 

Below are some examples of how you can monitor, analyze and manage NPS score in Natero:

1. View an account's full NPS history by each individual user who submitted the score together with score comment. 

2. Track/Aggregate account NPS trend over time

e.g. Show the avg. NPS score submitted by tier 1 accounts in the last quarter 

3. Set up alerts based on an account's recent NPS score:

e.g. An account's NPS score is <=6 and the latest score came in recently, send an alert to the CSM

4. Filter a list of accounts or users based on NPS score 

e.g. Monitor a list of users that submitted a detractor/neutral/promotor score in the last 30 days with or without a comment provided

5. Auto-trigger a templated email to a user based on his/her recent NPS score

e.g. Auto-send an email to a user who submitted a detractor score without a comment to ask for further details/schedule a call

6. Include account NPS score as part of the account health score calculation