The Management Center is the main user and product settings page where you can manage users and configure product features. Access to various functions of the management center is restricted by role permissions. 


Below gives a complete list of user and product settings you can do in the Management Center:

1. Users

  • Add, edit, delete a user
  • Reset password for a user

2. Role Permissions

  • Create, edit, delete user roles
  • Set role permission details

3. Account Assignment

  • Assign accounts to CSMs

4. Account Settings

  • Manage deleted accounts
  • Bulk edit account information such as CSM score, tier, stage history, NPS score and other custom dimensions
  • Define customer tiers and lifecycle stages

5. Alert Playbooks

  • Create and edit alert playbooks

6. Alert Rules

  • Create and edit alert rules
  • Assign playbooks to alert rules

7. Workflows

  • Create and edit account lifecycle workflows 

8. Health Score

  • Configure components and metrics for composing the account health score. 

9. Dimensions

  • Create and manage custom account and user dimensions.