There are three aspects involved in managing alerts for your accounts.

  1. Configure the alert rules to monitor the scenarios you'd like to be alerted on.
  2. View and manage the alerts triggered for your accounts.
  3. Convert alerts to tasks and manage alert tasks

Configure Alert Rules

You can define as many scenarios as you'd like to be proactively alerted upon for your accounts. May it be tracking usage decline, renewal coming up, or overdue invoices. Follow the instruction described here to configure your alert rules. 

View & Manage Alerts

The Alerts Dashboard gives you an overview of what’s in your Natero alert inbox and allows you to focus on the accounts that need your attention the most.

Expand an alert to quickly preview alert reasons for that account.

Manage Alert Tasks

You can convert an alert to a task if you’d like to take action on that alert, in which case, playbook associated with that alert will be automatically imported as sub-tasks under that alert task.

Learn more about how to manage alert tasks via this link.