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The Account Assignment page allows you to assign, unassign, or shift accounts between CSMs. You can conveniently view a list of accounts currently assigned to a particular CSM, or accounts that have not been assigned to any CSMs, or leverage "Advanced filter option" to assign a list of accounts matching any attribute to a CSM, e.g. Tier 1 accounts with current health score below 50.

The Account Assignment page shows a list of active Natero users who have the "CSM Seat" permission in Natero, and the number of accounts that are currently assigned to them. They are usually the primary users of the Natero platform and are responsible for managing the post-sale relationship with your customers.

To assign accounts to your CSMs, click "Assign Reps":

Assign individual accounts to a CSM 

  1. Select the CSM from the "Select rep" dropdown.
  2. In the "Accounts NOT assigned to rep" table, choose to view accounts by different filters:
    • No-one - Accounts that have not been assigned to any CSM
    • Other CSMs - Accounts that have been assigned to other CSMs
    • Advanced filter - Filter accounts based on rules (see more details below)
  3. Select the accounts from the list and click "Assign".

Assign accounts based on rules

If you'd like to assign accounts based on certain rules, you can use the "Advanced filter" option. This feature allows you to create a list of accounts matching any criteria and assign that list of accounts to any CSM.

For example, you can create a list of accounts that are currently in the "onboarding" stage and have MRR over 5k. Click "Apply filter" to show the list of accounts currently matching this rule available for assignment. You can then assign this list of accounts to the CSM you select.

Assign accounts to CSMs from the Accounts List page

You can quickly assign an account to any CSM from the main Accounts List page. Select the accounts you wish to assign and choose the CSM(s) from the "Assign Reps" pop-up window.

Note: one account can be assigned to multiple CSMs at the same time.

Unassign accounts from a CSM

To unassign an account or multiple accounts from a CSM, select the CSM and check the accounts you wish to unassign from this CSM, and then click "Unassign".