If you'd like to unchurn an account that was previously marked as churned, there are two options:

1. If you are marking accounts as churned manually in Natero, you can unchurn them manually from the Bulk Account Edit page located under the Management Center - Account Settings. 

Find the account you wish to unchurn, uncheck the "Is churned" checkbox and save the changes.


2. If there is a churn trigger deployed to mark accounts as churned automatically in Natero. You will need to either adjust the account data so that it no longer matches the churn criteria, or update the churn trigger with new rules if accounts are being marked as churned incorrectly, or set up an unchurn trigger via Natero to automatically unchurn an account that matches the unchurn criteria you define. 

Note that if you manually unchurn an account in this case, the churn trigger will supersede the manual update and mark the account as churned again after next trigger run.