In Natero, an account can be assigned to multiple CSMs. When reporting CSM level metrics such as MRR, # of accounts, renewal amount/rate and churn amount/rate, Natero calculates the metrics based on the accounts that have been assigned to a particular CSM.

If an account is assigned to multiple CSMs, the reporting will include this account for each CSM involved. For example, when one CSM closes a churn alert for that account, the affected MRR will be attributed to all the CSMs to whom this account is assigned. The same will be when that account successful renewed, the renewed MRR will be counted towards all the CSMs that own this account. 

When reporting the total MRR, overall churn rate, renewal rate etc., Natero calculates the metrics across all accounts - not across all CSMs - regardless of the multiple assignment. Natero does not double counting e.g. MRR towards the global total where multiple assignment is present.