Users are people in your organization who have access to the Natero platform. You can add new users, edit details of existing users, and assign roles to users and manage user passwords through the "Users" page located in the Management Center under Settings. 


This page contains a list of Natero users who are given different level of product access permissions (specified by roles) to the Natero platform.

"CSM Seat" indicates if the user is given the "Customer Success Manager Seat" permission to assign and manage accounts in Natero and thus takes a paid CSM seat for using the product. 

You can toggle to view active users, inactive users or pending users.

  • Active users: Users who have completed the account setup and thus can log in the Natero Platform.
  • Inactive Users: Users who have been deleted. You can reactivate a user after it becomes inactive. 
  • Pending users: Users who have not completed the account setup and are not able to log in the Natero Platform

You can add new product users, check on their last Natero login date, assign/change roles to users, modify details of existing users, reset user passwords and disable user 2FA through this page. 

Add New Users

Click "New Users", on the pop-up modal, select a role for the user you'd like to add and type the user's email, which will be the default username. If you'd like to add multiple users of the same role at once, type all the user emails, separated by commas.

Click "Add Users" to complete the action. The user added will receive an email shortly to complete the user account setup.

Once the user has submitted the required information, a new user account will show up in the Active Users list on the "Users" page. Users who have been added but have not completed the account setup process will show up in the Pending Users list. 

Edit User Details

After a user is added and registered successfully, you can modify the user details by clicking "Edit" for that user. A modal will pop up allowing you to edit the name, username, role, and title of the user. Click "Save" to save the changes.


To delete a user, click "Delete" under the user actions. 

Reset User Password

To reset the password for a user, click "Reset Password" for the user. Click "Reset Password" again on the popup window to confirm your action and an email with a password resetting link will be sent to the user. This link will expire in 24 hours and the user is still able to login with their current password prior to the expiration time.