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  1. What is account tier in Natero?

  2. How to update account tiers in Natero?

What is account tier in Natero?

Customer tier system classifies customers of your company into different groups according to their size, expected support level and value to your business; and helps CSMs learn which accounts deserve the most time, resources, and attention.

You can create specific churn alerts for the higher tier accounts so that CSMs can focus on saving the most valuable accounts. It can also be used in segmentation analysis to explore how different customer tiers perform in terms of user activity, product usage and value gained to help the CSMs strategize outreach to each tier with a more targeted approach. 

Analyzing product adoption and usage for tiers also sheds light on how certain features drive value (or less relevant) to a customer tier, which in turn helps marketing & sales make sense of the product tiers designed; the CSMs learn where the support is most needed, and product managers understand feature stickiness and uptake. 

How to update account tiers in Natero?

1. Map account tier via a 3rd party field

If you are already capturing account tier information in your 3rd party system (using a field under the account object), we can sync that field as the Natero tier to your accounts via the 3rd party integration. 

2. Populate account tier via a trigger

If you'd like to automatically populate/update account tier based on rules you define, you can provide the definition to us and we'll implement the tier mapping via a trigger based on that. 

Example rule:

Tier name Rule Data source
Tier 1 MRR > = 1000 Recurly subscription data
Tier 2 1000 > MRR > = 500 Recurly subscription data

3. Populate account tier manually in Natero

If you'd like to manually define and update account tiers in Natero, you can do so in the Natero "Management Center". Go to "Account Settings" page and select "Edit tier configuration" from the dropdown. 

There are three default tiers pre-defined by Natero.

Tier 1: High touch accounts

You can use this tier to represent high-value, strategic accounts that require a high-touch engagement and support methods.

Tier 2: Moderate touch accounts

You can use this tier to represent moderate-value accounts that can be managed with standard processes and support methods.

Tier 3: Low touch accounts

You can use this tier to represent low-value accounts that are managed with low-touch processes and support methods.

You can edit directly on a tier to change its name or definition. Click "Add New Tier" to add a new customer tier, you can add as many tiers as you want. Click "Delete" to remove a tier. Click "Save" to save all the changes. 

You can then update the stage information for your accounts via the account bulk edit feature or at the individual account editing page. Alternatively, you can bulk update account tier via a csv upload using the API uploader feature.