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Account bulk editing allows you to update account level attributes such as tiers, stages, CSM scores and custom attributes to your accounts in an efficient manner within Natero. Users with a role that has the "Update accounts" permission turned on can access this feature. 

Using our spreadsheet-like interface, you can filter the accounts you wish to update, type or paste in the updated attribute values, and we’ll automatically sync that with your Natero accounts.

In order to use this feature, you'll need to be in a role that has the "Update Accounts" permission enabled. 

To use the bulk editing tool, go to "Management Center", "Account Settings", select "Bulk account edit" from the dropdown.

Default Account Attributes

Account attributes available to be updated via the bulk editing tool.

  • Name (Required)

  • Account Id (Required)

  • Join date (Required)

  • Tier

  • Stage 

  • CSM score

  • Net promoter score 

  • Custom dimensions you specify

  • Is deleted

  • Is churned

Please note that Natero captures historical values for "Stage" and "Net promoter score", but does not record historical values for other attributes. For those attributes, once a new value is provided, the existing value will be overwritten.

Custom Account Dimensions

To add custom dimensions to your accounts using the bulk editing feature, define your custom dimensions at the "Account Settings" page. Once saved, they will appear as separate columns in the bulk editing spreadsheet for you to edit directly.

Filter Accounts

You can filter the accounts to be updated either by reps, or by rule you define, or by typing a keyword in the search box on the top right.

Click "Filter accounts" and construct the condition statement based on which your accounts will be output to the spreadsheet.

To edit the accounts that belong to a rep, select the rep name from the "Rep Filter" dropdown.

Add New Accounts

You have the option to add new accounts to Natero using the bulk editing tool. Click "Add Account Row" and add the details to your new accounts accordingly. 

Please note that "Name", "Account id" and "Join date" are mandatory fields for creating a new account. Make sure that the account id you provide here matches the account id sent via your event data and/or referenced in other integrated 3rd party systems so that we can properly tie everything together for that account in Natero.