Natero currently offers two paid seat types:

  • CSM seat: Users assigned with a role that has the Customer Success Manager Seat permission turned on takes a CSM seat. 
  • Analyst seat: Users assigned with a role that has any role access permission turned on except for the Customer Success Manager Seat takes an analyst seat.

The main difference between CSM seat vs. Analyst seat is the ability to assign accounts to a CSM rep and thus receive alerts on those accounts, and limit access to only a subset of accounts to that CSM rep.

Other differences include the ability to report on CSM rep performances in the Team Performance page and account segmentation by CSM reps all throughout the product. 

Users with Analyst seats will not be able to access Portfolio page, nor receive email notifications or have triggered tasks that are assigned to them. They can, however, view accounts, utilize reporting and email center, hence why this type of a seat is recommended for Management, Sales, Product and Marketing Team members. 


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