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The interaction history of an account helps you keep track of every action you've had with this customer in order to nurture, save, or engage with the customer.

Record an Interaction

There are two places you can record an interaction with a customer. The first one you can find in the customer’s account details page.


The second one is via the global action located at the navigation bar.

Edit an Interaction

When editing the interaction details, you need to select a date for when that interaction happened, the type (e.g. email, phone, in person etc.) of this interaction and the contact person (optional) for this interaction. You can optionally provide a subject for this interaction but you are required to add a description of this interaction which will be displayed for that interaction when reviewed later. 

After an interaction is added, it will be saved in the "Communications" section under the customer’s account details page. 

Search an Interaction

Note that you can search any historical interaction with an account by using the search box on the top right. Simply type a search term (which can be anything from contact’s name to interaction details) and a list of interactions which contain that search term will be returned.