The Metrics page allows you to create and save charts to monitor key metrics trend for each individual account using any available account metrics. You can also load an existing (more advanced) chart created using the Chart Explorer to be filtered on the current account.

To create a new chart, click "Create chart" on the top right. On the pop up modal, provide a name to the chart and specify the details for the time series chart. Click "Add" to add the chart to the dashboard, click "Save layout" to save the dashboard.

To load an existing chart, click "Load chart" on the top right and select the chart from the pop up modal. To save that chart to the dashboard, click "Save layout"

Use the arrow icons next to the chart title to move that chart up and down in the dashboard. You need to click "Save layout" to save the new chart orders. 

Once the charts are saved to an account, the same charts will be automatically created for all other accounts in their Account Details - Metrics page. 

***Note that only Account/User Exploration charts can be used on this page. Charts loaded to this page will be copied and saved as a separate chart unique to the current account and not linked to the original chart created in the Chart Explorer. Updating the original chart won't automatically update the charts already loaded to this page. If you'd like to do so, you'll need to reload the updated chart and save it again.