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The Contacts & Users page contains a list of CRM contacts and product users of this account, along with contact and user details. CRM contacts and product users are both users of an account, the main difference is where they come from.

CRM contacts typically come from your CRM system but you can also manually add new CRM contact from this page. Contacts may not have logins to your product and may not use the product.

Product users are typically from the product and have logins to the product. Whenever Natero captures an event associated with a user under an account, it creates this user as a product user under this account.

Terms Description
Activity Rank Percentile of this user based on total session time over the last 30 days.
Last Seen The date when the user last logged into the product.
First Seen The date when the user first logged into the product.

While CRM contacts can come from anywhere as long as their crm_account_id matches up to the account's one, product users must have an account_id and user_id that is the same as what is sent via event data.

Edit User Details

To edit the details of an individual user, click the arrow on the left to expand the user information and click "Edit user information". Information of a user that's editable includes name, email, role and user custom dimensions. Please note that you can add new user custom dimensions from this page as well as from the Account Settings page under Management Center. 

Direct Emails to Individual Users

To send a direct email to an individual user of this account, click on the email of that user and you'll be able to compose the email on the pop-up modal. You can enter multiple recipient/cc/bcc emails (comma separated) to have the direct email sent to them all at once.