The activity rank of a user/account indicates how active a user/account is compared to all active users/accounts. In other words, it tells where this user or account is at in terms of its product usage time (calculated in Natero as event session time) against all active users/accounts.

Activity rank is a daily metric calculated and updated each day based on a user/account's total session time over the last 30 days. 

The curve in the below example shows the frequency distribution of activity of all users/accounts and an activity rank of 70% means that this user/account is within the top 30% active users/accounts. 

Below explains how activity and activity rank is defined in Natero:

  • Activity rank of a user is calculated as the percentile rank of the user's 30-day session time across all your active users in the Natero instance.

  • Activity rank of an account is calculated as the percentile rank of its 30-day session time across all your active accounts in the Natero instance.

How do we calculate a user/account’s activity rank trending arrow?

We use a trend arrow to indicate if the activity rank of a user/account has increased or dropped. It is determined by the slope of the linear regression line over the daily activity rank of this user/account over the last 30 days.