You can manually create customer support tickets directly within Natero to capture customer issues, feature requests, bug reports, feedbacks and other support related issues.

Support tickets will be saved and reported at each individual account's details - Support page. You can also create reports, setup alerts and include support metrics in account health score using various support related metrics.

Create a New Ticket

To create a support ticket, go to an account's details page, click "Add Support Ticket" option from the account action dropdown on the top right, or click the "Add support ticket" button on the Account Details - Support page.

When creating a support ticket, you need to specify the following fields:

  • ticket subject

  • ticket owner - the CSM responsible for this ticket

  • ticket type - default values are: High, Normal, Low, Wishlist, Needs Triage

  • ticket priority - default values are: Incident, Complaint, Feature, Question

  • ticket details. 


Modify and Close a Ticket

Once a ticket is created, ticket creation date is automatically generated for Natero to track ticket age. You can modify the ticket details, close the ticket or delete the ticket by clicking on the ticket subject field.


*Note: you cannot modify the ticket creation date (automatically captured when creating the ticket) and ticket close date (automatically captured when closing the ticket).