The Overview page displays basic information about an account, including account ids, key account dates, main contacts, latest status, and any custom attributes, etc.. You can customize the Overview page to highlight key account attributes on the header part, regroup and reorder the account information in a way that the CSMs can easily access and edit.


If you have the "Configure product settings" permission associated with your role, you can customize the account details page layout. Click “Edit Layout” under the gear icon located on the top right. 


The Overview tab allows you to create custom sections and pick any account dimensions including custom dimensions to be reported under each section. 

Select "Custome Section" from the Section Type drop-down and add the desired account dimension fields to be displayed to the section.

You can also choose to add one of our preconfigured sections such as, Activity Chart, Contacts, Custom dimensions, Hierarchy or Account Latest Status.

You can edit most account dimensions directly on the page. Note that calculated dimensions that are created via Natero triggers are not editable and a manual update will be overwritten if the same field is also updated from your 3rd party syncing or API.

The Header tab allows you to pick the account dimensions to be highlighted on the top banner of the Account Details page. 

The Tabs tab allows you to show/hide and reorder account tabs on the left.