Natero account health score works with any metrics and numeric dimensions that you track on the account level. Although you cannot use a label or event dimension directly in your health score configuration, below are the workarounds you can use to achieve the desired outcome.

Translate Label & Event Dimension into Numeric Dimension

If you'd like to use a label dimension in the health score, we recommend you translate the label values into corresponding numerical values in a separate numeric dimension.

For example, if you have a dimension called "at risk" with value "yes/no", you can translate it to a numerical dimension with value "1/0" so that you are able to use it in the health score.

If you'd like to use an event dimension in the health score, we recommend you calculate the days in between two desired dates and store the number in a separate numeric dimension.

For example, if you have an event dimension called "Last campaign sent", you can count the days in between this date and today, so you'd have "Days since last campaign sent" available to use in the health score. 

How to Provide Translated Numeric Dimensions?

Note that in either case, the translated numeric dimension cannot be defined and created in Natero UI directly. You would need to send them to Natero as custom numeric dimensions.

If you are not able to do so on your end, Natero can help implement those numeric dimensions through backend triggers per your definition. Note that "Custom Business Logic" is a paid feature and is only included in the Enterprise plan. 

Health Score Calculation 

When you configure the health score calculation for a specific metric or dimension, Natero does not support mapping a certain metric/dimension value to certain health score (or health score range). You need to only define the lower bound and upper bound for when to score 0 and when to score 100, any metric/dimension value in between the defined range will be calculated proportionally determine the final health score. 

For example, if you have a dimension with three possible values: 1, 2, 3. You can set 1 (as the lower bound) to score 0 and 3 (as the upper bound) to score 100, and 2 will be automatically calculated to score 50 as it is the median value.

If you have a dimension called "Days since last campaign sent" which calculates the days in between the last campaign sent date and today, you can set the health score to be 0 if the dimension value is >= 60, and health score to be 100 if dimension value is <=30.

When the dimension value falls in between 30 - 60 days, the actual health score will be calculated from 100 - 0 proportionally. Basically, an account would start with 100 scores and as "Days since last campaign sent" increases, its health score will decline gradually and hit 0 until it reaches 60 days and beyond.