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Alert Rule Overview

The "Alert Rules" section lists all the alert rules (both active and inactive) with the following attributes: 

Terms Description
Name The name of this alert rule.
Type The type of the alert to be triggered by this alert rule.
Generate Task Whether or not this alert rule will auto create alert tasks. 
Task Group The user group selected as subscribers to the tasks generated from this alert rule. 
Status If this alert rule is active or inactive.
Last Triggered When an alert/alert task was last triggered by this rule.
30-Day Triggers Number of alerts & alert tasks that have been triggered by this alert rule over the last 30 days.


You can filter to view only the active rules (rules which will trigger alert for matching accounts) or inactive rules (rules which will not trigger any alert even if there is a matching account).

You can also quickly search for a particular rule by typing a search term in the search box on the top right.

Hovering over the title of an alert rule will show a snapshot of the description of that rule. 


Edit, Copy, Run & Delete an Existing Rule

To modify an existing rule, click "Edit" for that rule. 

If you'd like to create a new rule based on the conditions defined in an existing rule, click "Copy" for that rule. 

If you'd like to manually run a rule instead of waiting for it to auto-run every 3 hours. Click “Run” for that rule.

To delete a rule permanently, mark the checkbox in front of the rule and click "Delete" on the top left. You can also select multiple rules for bulk deleting. 


Delete Alerts & Alert Tasks Associated with a Rule

If you'd like to delete all the alerts and/or alert tasks that have been generated from a particular rule, you can do so by clicking the action "Delete Alerts" for that rule. Please note that this action is not reversible, once all the alerts/alert tasks are deleted, they cannot be retrieved. 

Activate & Deactivate a Rule

You can "Deactivate" a rule to stop it from triggering further alerts/alert tasks. A deactivated rule will be in an "Inactive" state and will not lose all its existing settings.  

To deactivate/activate a rule, mark the checkbox in front of a rule and click "Deactivate"/"Activate" on the top left. You can also select multiple rules for bulk deactivating/activating.