View Playbooks

To view a list of available playbooks, go to the "Playbooks" page in the "Management Center" under "Settings". Playbooks are listed with the below attributes:

Terms Description
Title Name of the playbook.
Status If the playbook is assigned to any alert rule (In Play) or not (Not in Play). You can filter playbooks by either status.
Last Used  Date of the most recent alert that fired to which this playbook is assigned.
30-Day Uses Total number of uses of this playbook over the last 30 days. We count the uses of a playbook by the number of alerts that fired to which this playbook is assigned, within the same term.

Hovering over the title of a playbook will show a pop-up description for that playbook. You can also quickly search for a particular playbook by typing a search term in the text search box on the top right corner.

Edit, Copy, or Delete a Playbook

Click "Edit" to go to the playbook editing page where you can modify the details of the playbook.

If you'd like to construct another playbook based on an existing playbook, click "Copy" to duplicate a selected playbook and save it as a new playbook. Name the new playbook in the pop up window and once it is saved, you'll be directed to the playbook editing page for that new playbook.

To permanently delete a playbook, check the select box for that playbook on the playbook overview page and click "Delete" in the bottom left corner. You can also bulk delete playbooks by checking the select box for multiple playbooks.

***Note that only playbooks that are "Not in Play" can be deleted.

Learn how to create a playbook.