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Creating Workflow Tasks

Once a workflow is deployed to an account, workflow tasks will be generated for that account automatically. Workflow tasks include both a task to track the overall workflow as well as tasks to track each individual milestone. The workflow overview task has the list of milestones as its sub-tasks. Each milestone task includes a list of its sub-tasks (as specified in the workflow configuration). 

Viewing Workflow Tasks

Click on an active workflow in the workflow configuration/dashboard or account details page and you’ll be directed to the workflow tasks filtered for that specific account under the Tasks page.

When viewing workflow tasks in the main Tasks page, you can group the tasks by Hierarchy so that the tasks are organized by each individual workflow (or select the default Workflow task view).

Updating Workflow Tasks

The main workflow has each milestone as its subtask, you can click on a subtask to quickly open the task details for that milestone. Note that milestones as subtasks cannot be removed or checked off but can be updated with a new due date and assigned to a different team member within the main workflow task. 

To close a workflow or milestone task, click "Close" in the task action dropdown located on the top right. 

Note that by checking off the subtasks of a milestone task does not auto-close the task itself, you need to close that task manually to send the close time to Natero for tracking and reporting purposes. For example, if you need to close a workflow for an account, in order for Natero to correctly report on workflow and milestone performance, you need to close each milestone task separately at the time when they are actually completed as well as the main workflow task following the completion of all the milestone tasks.

Workflows Reporting

Workflow reporting is located at the Team Performance page. It includes trends around how you and your team has been doing with workflows in terms of hitting the target (days overdue or ahead of the target date), average time it takes to complete a workflow and how many workflows are started and completed in each period.

You can also drill down to each individual milestone as well as each individual CSM to gain more insight on where you can further improve your process and how you can better allocate the resources.

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