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Viewing All Alerts

The main Alerts page lists all the alerts that have been triggered to your accounts. 

You can choose to show either of the below categories of alerts:

  • Open non-task (default): Open alerts that have not been converted to tasks.

  • Dismissed non-task: Non-task alerts that have been removed from the alerts list.

  • Open task: Open alerts that have been converted to full tasks (task alerts).

  • Close task: Task alerts that have been closed.

And further filter the alert view by:

  • My accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts assigned to you.

  • Active accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts that have not churned or deleted. 

  • Churned accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts that have churned.

  • Unassigned accounts: Alerts triggered for accounts that are not assigned to any CSM.

Expand an alert to quickly preview alert reasons for that account.

Manual Creation of Alert Tasks

You can optionally convert an alert to a task if you’d like to take action on that alert. In this case, any playbook associated with that alert will be automatically imported as the sub-tasks of that alert task.


When converting an alert to a task, you can: edit the task details to indicate the task's priority, due date and owner; update details of sub-tasks and upload related documents.

Auto Creation of Alert Tasks

When configuring an alert rule, you can enable the "Auto-generate task" option to automatically create tasks from this alert. This feature allows you to receive email notifications upon new alert tasks created (if alert task notification option is enabled). 


Dismiss non-task Alerts

For the alerts you do not want to convert to tasks, you can optionally dismiss them from your open alert list. 

This can be useful when you have engagement alert to tell CSMs which account has achieved a milestone, but there is not necessarily an action to be accomplished.

Viewing Alert Tasks

You can view all alert tasks at the main alerts page using the "Open task" filter, or all alert tasks of an account at the Alerts section under that account's details page. You can also use the Alert Tasks view in the main Tasks page to view alert tasks organized by different categories. 

Updating Alert Tasks

Click on an alert task to expand the details of that task. You can further edit the task details, subtasks, priority, due date and task owner etc. 

To close an alert task, click "Close" in the task action dropdown located on the top right. When closing an alert task, you need to specify if the situation has been dealt with successfully, unsuccessfully or it's a false alarm. You can optionally provide more details about this task alert and it will be captured as close comments in the task details. 

Alerts Reporting

Natero provides basic alerts reporting at the Team Performance page. The Alerts section gives you insight on how your team has been performing in terms of managing the alerts over time, by each individual CSM and alert type. 

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