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Modified on: Mon, 14 Oct, 2019 at 12:40 PM


The task email notification feature allows you to receive an email reminder of creation, assignment, and changes made to tasks you created or subscribe to. This feature will send emails to your Natero-registered email address with change details and link to the task in Natero.

You can also choose to receive a daily reminder email which summarizes a list of your overdue tasks and tasks due in the next day.

Turn on Task Notifications

Go to the Tasks page and click on “Notifications” on the top right to set up your own preferences. Note that this setting is configured on a per-user basis, therefore, each Natero user needs to turn on this feature separately in order to receive emails for themselves. 


Notification Scenarios

Email notifications can be sent to you in the following scenarios.

Notifications sent based on changes made to the tasks you own or are subscribed to. For example, a new task is created and your name is added as the task owner or subscriber, or a task which you're an owner/subscriber is modified - a comment has been added, the status has been changed (to closed or deleted), the due date has been extended etc.

You can also receive notifications on changes made to the tasks assigned to someone else (other Natero users) but you are the CSM assigned to the account related to that task.

Additionally, you can enable notifications in case someone modifies a task you've created.

Finally, you can enable daily summary notification email to be sent to you every morning in your local time. This summary contains a list of tasks due in the next day and overdue tasks from various types (general, workflow, alert). Those tasks can be further specified based on whether you are the task owner, the assigned CSM to the accounts they are related to, or the task subscriber.

Note that Natero does not trigger email notification on none-task alerts, alerts need to be converted into tasks in order for you to receive email notifications on them. We recommend you turn on the "auto- generate task" option in the alert config page to enable email notification on new task alerts. 

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