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The Email Center is where you create and manage email templates and campaigns, as well as automated customer email triggers.

On the Overview page, you can review email campaign and trigger status over the last 30 days.


The Templates page is where you create templated emails to be used in campaigns, email triggers or direct emails.


The Campaigns page is where you create, schedule and monitor one-time email campaigns to nurture and engage any customer segments you define.

For example, you might want to schedule a system maintenance email to be sent at different times based on the regions of your customers or target a particular feature enhancement email at a group of users who have requested it before.


The Triggers page is where you create and monitor automatic automated emails based on the rules you define. This feature allows you to automate customer communication using saved email templates and pre-defined trigger rules.  

For example, you might want to auto-send an engagement email to onboarding users when they didn't use a key feature during the first 10 days; or auto-trigger a follow-up email to users when they submitted a detractor NPS response. 


The Suppressions page allows you to manually unsubscribe a user from your Natero mailing list. Click “Unsubscribe user” to add the user emails you wish to unsubscribe. You can also view a list of unsubscribed users and undeliverable users from all your email campaigns and triggers.  



If you haven't enabled this feature in your Natero application, please click here to learn how to set up the Natero Email feature.