Natero supports syncing CSM - Accounts mapping from your Salesforce instance to Natero. Please make sure the below items are properly setup in order to allow the syncing to work without issue. 

  1. An account field needs to exist in SF that captures the user assigned to an account.

  2. The field needs to contain a user email which we can find in Natero for the same user, instead of just the username. 

  3. The user needs to already exist/registered in Natero. 

Please note that once the mapping is synced from SF to Natero it'll remain one-way syncing this way. The existing SF mapping will be overwritten by the updated SF mapping the next day after the connector runs.

However, if you make any changes to the CSM - Accounts mapping directly within Natero, it will NOT be be overwritten by the SF mapping.

It is suggested that you use SF as the source of truth and only update within SF to have the latest mapping synced to Natero.