There are two ways to manually create new accounts in Natero.

Use the Account Bulk Edit Feature

The account bulk edit feature allows you to manually add account one by one using our spreadsheet-like interface.

Click "Add Account Row" and add the details to your new accounts accordingly. 

Please note that "Name", "Account id" and "Join date" are mandatory fields for creating a new account. Make sure that the account id you provide here matches the account id sent via your event data and/or referenced in other integrated 3rd party systems so that we can properly tie everything together for that account in Natero. 


Use the API Uploader Feature

The API upload feature allows you to bulk upload accounts and account attributes using our CSV templates. Note that you need to first create accounts in Natero before you can upload custom account attributes to them.

To create new accounts, you'd use the main "Accounts" CSV template. "Name", "Account id" and "Join date" are mandatory fields.