There are several ways that you can update account level information such as tiers, stage history, CSM subjective score and custom attributes; if they are not available to be pulled from existing data integration with your 3rd-party systems. 

Update manually in your Natero instance

You can update account tiers, lifecycle stage, CSM score and other custom dimensions manually in your Natero platform. Go to the Management Center -> Account Settings, click "edit" for an account and update the fields you want. Or click "Bulk account edit" from the drop-down to update the info in bulk. 

This is useful when you only need to update these fields for a handful of accounts. However, if you have hundreds or even thousands of accounts that need to be updated all at once, this method becomes less productive. 

Update using Natero's API Upload feature

You can use Natero's API upload feature to bulk update account/user attributes using our CSV templates. Note that you need to first create accounts/users in Natero before you can upload custom attributes to them. Please read our Account API doc carefully for the required fields for each CSV template. 

Update using Natero's Account API

You can send these account attributes, additional billing, CRM and support data, as well as custom account metrics or dimensions that are specific to your business to Natero using Account API, it is the recommended way to mass send or update account level information to your accounts in Natero. 

The Natero Account API is designed for large bulk updates (1000+ records per request). Please make sure you send updates in batch and this will greatly improve the API performance.

That's said, it is best to limit bulk updates to 1 request at a time per API endpoint.