OAuth is a protocol that allows Natero to access resources of your Mavenlink website without having to expose your user credentials. Instead of supplying a username and password, OAuth allows you to authorize the Natero application to access your Mavenlink data via the Mavenlink API.



1. Your Mavenlink account must have API access. 

2. You need to have a Natero account to complete the OAuth setup (contact us if you do not have one yet).

3. Your Natero account needs to have the "Configure data connectors" permission to perform this action.


Step-by-step Guide

1. Go to "IT Administration" under "Settings". 

2. Go to "Manage OAuth".

3. Select “Mavenlink" from the dropdown and click "Authorize provider". This should redirect you to the regular Mavenlink login page.




4. Log in using your Mavenlink user credentials and click "Allow" when prompted.

5. Once all the steps are done please let us know and we will complete your Mavenlink configuration ASAP.