As a Pre-Requisite to setting up oAuth for Microsoft Dynamics, you need to have an MS Azure instance associated with your MS Dynamics instance as the oAuth is done via an Azure application.

Here are the steps you can follow to set up an MS Azure instance.

  1. Goto: Active Directory -> App registrations

  2. Select + New application registration

  3. Enter a name (e.g., Natero OAuth)

  4. Under Application type select: Access Web APIs in Other Applications

  5. Under Sign-on URL enter your domain in natero (or just

  6. Copy the application ID (you'll need to provide it to us)

  7. Click 'Settings'

  8. Under 'Required permissions'

    1. Select application: Dynamics CRM Online

    2. Click Delegated Permissions dropdown and select Access Dynamics as organization users

  9. Under 'keys', enter a name and select duration 1 or 2 year (will display a key to copy after saving)

    1. When saving the key copy the value displayed, this is the client secret for the app

  10. Under 'reply url' fill in the following link:

    1. For US use

    2. For EU use

  11. Click Save - make sure you've copied the key and the application id

Make sure to enter in Natero IT Administration -> Manage Credentials the following information:

  • application id

  • key

  • dynamics host name: e.g.,

Follow instructions here:  to set up the actual OAuth after Natero has signaled that the system is ready to be authorized.