Natero JS/Mixpanel/Segment/Event REST API

Data sent via the above APIs is not available immediately. For the first use, we need to setup your workflows to process the data. Since everyone's data is different, this is a manual process. 

After the workflows have been deployed there will still be an hour delay between when you send data and when you can view that data in the Chart Explorer. We further aggregate the data on a daily basis, and as such certain usage metrics (e.g. "daily active users", "session time per active user" etc.) won't be available everywhere within the product for at least a day.

If you were testing data in the test system, once you start sending data to the production endpoint, it is no longer visible in the test system. As long as you are getting 200's, we are receiving and storing your data properly.

Account API

Data sent via the Account API will become visible in your Natero instance immediately. 

Third Party Integration

Data synced from third party systems will become available as soon as the connectors are deployed and run, for the first time. New data synced from third party systems will be reflected in your Natero instance the next day since connectors run on a nightly basis.