The IT Administration page is the place for you to review, monitor and manage 3rd party integrations. To access this page, click the "Settings" icon on the navigation bar and click "IT Administration".

Below provides more details on what you can do at each subsection. 

Source Overview

This page lists your API keys for the Account API and the Usage Event API. You can also find your org-specific Bcc email that you can add to any customer emails you’d like to sync over as account interactions.

The table below shows an overview of the current 3rd party sources that we pull data from. It excludes the event usage data source.

Source Mapping

This page allows you to view up-to-date data mapping details between your integrated 3rd party systems and Natero. 

  • Natero field: The API name of the field in Natero
  • Remote source: The 3rd party system from which the Natero field is mapped
  • Remote object: The 3rd party object from which the Natero field is mapped
  • Remote field: The 3rd party API name to which the Natero field is mapped

Manage OAuth

This page allows you to manage your OAuth credentials for 3rd party systems. To enable Oauth API access, start by selecting the provider from the dropdown. You will be redirected to that services login page. By authenticating at that page you will grant Natero access to that service.

Manage Credentials

This page provides a secure mechanism to provide credentials to Natero. They will never be shown only stored or overwritten. Please add credentials for a single system at a time.

API Status

This is a log of the API calls made to the Natero API (last 1000). Even though an operation may succeed, if the operation contained multiple records (e.g., in a bulk update or POST call), then some of the records may have failed. If the operation status is "Failure", then the entire operation failed. Otherwise, at least a portion of the operation succeeded. See the API docs for more details.

API Upload

This section enables the uploading of CSV files to the Natero API. A CSV file can be uploaded for each API described by the API documentation. Prior to uploading a CSV file to the API, a CSV file template should be downloaded. 

Email Configuration

This page allows you to set up the email campaign feature within Natero. You'll need to provide a domain and default "From" address to get started and update the DNS records we generate to your domain records. For detailed instructions, click the link here.