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Communicating changes made in your Freshdesk can be very easy when your team is small with a single Admin managing it. You can email the changes made, or even verbally convey it to your team. Some of these changes could also be related to financial and/or security policies within your company. As and when your team grows, keeping track of all those changes is going to be tedious. You can have multiple Admins who will have access to setting up or modifying existing workflows to improve productivity. 

Changes made to a specific module should be easily trackable so every Admin is aware of the changes made by the other. Audit Log helps Admins oversee these changes made in the account. This feature focuses on

  • What the change was

  • Who made this change and

  • When it was made

These logs will now assist Admins or Super Admins to go back to an older working setup if the latest changes, made by another Admin, doesn’t work too well. 

Note: Reversing the changes automatically is not possible. Admins will have to manually reset/change the setting as per requirement.

Audit Log will assist you in viewing changes made to these modules:

  • Account Subscription 

  • Agent 

  • Automations

  • Knowledge base

The type of changes logged for each module, in detail, are below:

Type of change
Account Subscription
Billing cycle
Changes in monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual billing (this is only applicable in case of credit card payment) under Admin > Account > Plans & Billing
Changes made to account plan
Currency Changes in payment currency (example: INR/USD/EUR)
Card details Changes in the associated card number and expiry date
Number of agents
Changes to the number of agent seats under Admin > Account > Plans & Billing
(under Admin > Team >  Agents)
Agent and Admin
Creation and Deletion
Email address
Changes made to the email address of the agent
Type Occasional / Full-time
Roles and Scope Changes made to the Role and/or Scope of the agent
Round Robin Availability Automatic ticket assignment toggle - ON/OFF
Rules that run on ticket creation
Creation, Deletion, Modification, Reordering, and Activation/Deactivation
Rules that run on time triggers
Creation, Deletion, Modification, Reordering, and Activation/Deactivation
Rules that run on ticket updates
Creation, Deletion, Modification, Reordering, and Activation/Deactivation
Knowledge base Categories Creation, Updation (Name and Description) and Deletion
Folders Creation, Updation (Name, Description, Category change, Visibility and Article ordering) and Deletion
Articles Creation, Updation (Title, Description, Publish, Unpublish, Add or Remove tags, Status change, Author change, Reset likes and dislikes, and Folder change) and Deletion

A quick guide to using Audit Log:

  • Log in to your Freshdesk account as an Administrator

  • Go to the Admin tab and click on ‘Audit Log’ under Account.

  • The list of changes performed, across the mentioned modules, by the Admins will be displayed

  • The ‘Performed by’ column will give you the name of the Admin who performed the action, the time and date when the action was performed, along with their IP address

  • Clicking their name will take you to their agent profile

  • The ‘Event’ column will give you details on the type of action performed — Created, Updated, or Deleted.

  • The ‘What changed’ column will give you details of the change along with a link to that module.

  • If an update was made to an existing automation rule, you will have an option to ‘View Changes

  • Clicking ‘View changes’ will open out the slider, displaying in detail the original setup along with what was changed, in two distinct grids

Click the ‘Filter’ option to narrow down the changes made: 

  • during a specific time period
  • by a specific Admin 
  • to any specific module

By default, the latest change made across these modules will be displayed first in the list.