Note: We're rolling out the revamped SLAs in batches to all Freshdesk accounts

In Freshdesk, you can create different SLA targets for tickets that fall under different categories. As examples, you could have a shorter SLA target for VIP customers or tickets from social media. 

The order of your SLA policies is important. If you have multiple SLA policies, the first one with matching conditions will be applied to a new ticket. 

Steps to create a new SLA policy

  • Click on the Add policy button on the SLA Policies page. You'll then have to define SLA targets for each ticket priority, just like you did with the default policy.
  •  Choose the type of tickets for which you want to have the SLA policy to work on. For instance, you can have a different SLA for tickets from Social Media.

These are the  conditions you can use to trigger a specific SLA policy:

Company -For example, you might want to trigger a particular SLA policy only for customers who have purchased your Priority Support Subscription.

Group - if you want this policy to apply only for specific Agent Groups, you can select them here. For example, you might want to define a different set of service levels for your finance group which has to process refunds. 

Product - if you're supporting multiple products or brands through a single Freshdesk account, you can define which product(s) this particular policy must be applied to.

Source - you might want to set a different service level target for tickets coming in through Facebook, as compared to those through email. 

Type - you can select the SLA to be enforced based on the type of problem that you are facing; such as a billing problem, or a potentially serious bug as examples.

Contact segment and company segment - As examples, if you have a list of customers that fall under a "VIP" category, or use a specific product of yours, you can create a separate policy for them.

  • Set the SLA targets based on priority

For example, let's say that you have an SLA policy for tickets from social media and you have another policy for tickets assigned to the technical support group. You've ordered them with the social media SLA on top and the technical support SLA next. When a ticket from social media is assigned to the technical support group, the social media SLA will be applied to it.

You can reorder your SLA rules, and organize them in such a way that the most restrictive (strict) rules are higher up in the order.