When creating a new role, you can specify the permissions and actions users with that role can perform across different modules like Tickets, Solutions, Forums, etc. These permissions apply to all the agents assigned to the role. If you do not want agents to perform specific actions in your helpdesk, you can restrict their permissions under Roles

Note: You cannot edit a default role. 

To manage role permissions,

  • Login to your helpdesk portal as an Admin.

  • Go to Admin Team Roles.

  • Select the role you wish to restrict permissions.

  • Select the Module and check the boxes near the actions the agents can perform.

  • The unchecked permissions do not apply to the agents assigned to this role.

For example, refer to the image below to restrict the agents with a custom role from creating a child ticket.

Manage role permissions

To assign roles when adding/editing an agent:

  • Login to your helpdesk portal as an Admin.

  • Go to Admin > Team > Agents to add a new agent (or hover over an existing agent in your list and click Edit.)

  • Scroll down to the Roles section, and click Associate roles.

  • Add all roles that you want to assign to this Agent.

  • Click Create/Update Agent to save the Agent’s roles.

Assign roles to agents