Adding your email

When you create a Freshdesk account, you're provided with an email address that looks like this: You can share this with your customers, and ask them to send their questions to this address. Any email sent to this address becomes a ticket in Freshdesk. The customer who sent in the question becomes the requester of the ticket. 

If you already have an email like, you can continue to share that email address with your customers for reaching out to you. But, you'll have to forward emails coming into that address to Freshdesk so that they get captured as tickets in your account. We'll walk you through how you can do this.

Steps to add your support email

1. Go to Admin > Channels > Email 

2. Freshdesk would have created a default support email and listed it in the 'Global Support Emails' section, as shown below. This email is nothing but the one that you were shown when you signed up:

Note: You will be able to add more than one email for Blossom and above plans

3. Now, enter your actual support email address (i.e., - to which your customers write to.

Your support email address will also be the 'reply-to' address for all the emails you send from your support portal.

As you enter the support email, the forward your emails to text box is modified. This email is invisible to your customers. Copy this email address. 

You could assign all tickets that come from your support email to any one group of agents, by choosing the groups listed under Assign to Group. This will be helpful when you set up multiple mailboxes in your helpdesk. Alternatively, you can make use of Ticket creation automation rules to auto-route tickets to specific groups as well.

4. Hit Save

Verifying your email

Verifying your email address before you start forwarding:

  • The next step is to verify that is indeed your email. You would have received an email from Freshdesk to with a verification link.

  • Click on the verification link in the email to confirm your email address. You can also copy-paste the link into your browser. Once you successfully verify this address, you need to set up forwarding so Freshdesk can start capturing emails sent to this address as tickets

Once you've added a support email address to your account, you will have to verify and set up forwarding rules in your mailbox. Kindly follow the below steps to activate your support email address.

1. Go to Admin > Channels > Email

2. Click Verify, corresponding to the email to be activated. 

3. Copy the Freshdesk forwarding address generated for the email. 

4. Sign in to your mailbox and go to Settings > Forwarding and POP / IMAP. Add the copied email as a forwarding address.

Refer to the following articles on how to set up forward in your mailbox

5. Once done, click Next

6. You'll receive an activation code on the next screen. Copy the code, and paste it into your email inbox settings page, and click Save

7. Once done, click Next and your email would have been verified. 

Adding BCC email

The top-level management might want to know what's going on in your support without being added as agents. You can add their email addresses as BCC while setting up the support mailbox. 

A quick guide on setting up BCC

  1. Login to your support portal as an Administrator

  2. Click on the Admin tab

  3. Under Channels, click Email

  4. Click Advanced Settings above the support emails listed

  5. Click Set automatic Bcc email link

  6. Type in all the email addresses you want to add as BCC, separated by commas

  7. Click Save and the BCC email addresses will be added right away

You can also use your own email servers to send and receive emails if you are on the Forest plan. Learn more.

Forwarding emails from a private inbox to your support portal

Occasionally, your customers might email your support agents directly or you might have a mailbox full of emails that need to be converted to support tickets. This can be done by just forwarding them to your support email address. Tickets that are forwarded from a verified agent's email address will be created in the name of the customer who sent the email to the agent. But when you forward existing emails from a mailbox that is not associated with an agent, the requester will be set to the email address you used to forward the message and the timestamp of the ticket will be the time the email was forwarded. This feature is currently supported only in the following languages - English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese.

Important Note:

If you have configured multiple mailboxes in your Freshdesk account, emails sent from one mailbox integrated with Freshdesk to another will not be converted into a ticket. For example, if you have integrated mailbox A and mailbox B with your Freshdesk account, emails sent from mailbox A to B (or B to will not become tickets. This is done to prevent email looping.

For Office-365, make sure your Firewall or Anti-spam watcher is not blocking your Freshdesk Emails.

If you face any issues in verifying your support email, please write to and we'd be happy to help you.