You can organize your agents into different groups to help them focus on certain types of issues. Each group can have different kinds of canned responses and other automations specific to them. You can set the visibility of agents as "restricted" so they can see only the tickets assigned to their group. This will reduce the clutter and let them work efficiently. 

For example, if you are managing support in an e-commerce store, you can create a group named "Returns and Exchanges" and assign tickets containing the words "return" or "different size" to them, using automation rules. 

Create a new Group
  • Login to your Freshdesk account as Admin. Go to Admin > Team > Groups (under Team)
  • You will be able to see the default Groups. Click Edit against a Group to add agents to the group. Or click New Group to create a new group.
  • You'll see an option to create a Service Group if you have FSM enabled. To know more about Service Groups, checkout this article
  • First, give a name to your group and add a description
  • If you’re on the Freshdesk Garden, Estate or Forest plans, you can set different Business Hours for your different teams(groups) working in different shifts or time zones. Select the appropriate Business Hour from the drop-down
  • Next, add the agents you want to be part of this group from the Agents drop-down

Group Properties

Under Group Properties you can configure a bunch of things. 

1. Configure Automatic Ticket Assignment

In Freshdesk, you can auto-assign incoming tickets to your agents if you’re on the Estate or Forest plans. 

  • You can do this by going to Group Properties.
  • Enable the Automatic Ticket Assignment toggle and pick an assignment mode of your choice


  • To learn how to auto-assign tickets with certain keywords to the new group you created, click here
  • To learn how to auto-assign tickets to specific agents within the group, click here

2. Agent Availability

  • You can also restrict agents from changing their availability for automatic ticket assignment.
3. Setup Ticket Escalation criteria
Once a ticket is assigned to a group but it has not been assigned to any agent within the group for a specific amount of time, you can set up an escalation email to be sent out to a specific agent (eg: supervisor of the group). This can help you ensure that no ticket falls through the cracks. 
  • You can select the time limit and the agent to whom the escalation email should be sent to from the drop-down. You can also edit the content of the email notification.
  • Finally, Save your Group settings.

Next Steps

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