Admins and agents can merge multiple contact points of the same person into one contact. This makes it easier for the agents to pull up contextual information like recent tickets, company information and more.

Primary and Secondary Contacts:

While merging several contacts, one contact should be marked as the primary contact. The primary contact acts as a base of the merged contact by retaining all the basic details such as name, phone number, address and company details. Merging will move all the tickets, notes and contact information from the secondary contact(s) into the primary contact. The secondary contact(s) will be deleted after merging and cannot be restored.

A quick guide to merging contacts:

  • Login to your support portal

  • Click on the Contacts icon on the left panel to see the complete list of your contacts

  • Open the contact that you want to merge and click on the Merge button on the action bar.

Merging contacts in Freshdesk

  • In the Merge Contact slider window, search for and select the contact that needs to be merged with this contact
  • The selected contacts to be merged will be displayed. Mark the primary contact by simply checking on the mark as primary stamp, towards the right of each contact.
  • The primary contact holds all the basic information of the contact and adds the data from the secondary contact(s) into it
  • Once you have selected the contacts to be merged, click Continue

Primary and secondary contacts for merged contacts

  • Review the information you would like to associate with the primary contact

  • Finally click on the Confirm button. The secondary contact will be deleted and cannot be restored. This operation cannot be undone.

  • Your contacts will now be merged

Note: You can have a maximum of 10 emails, 20 companies, one work and mobile phone saved to a contact. In case of overlapping data between the contacts in the fields of number, address or company name, you can choose which information to retain.