Let's say that a ticket has been assigned or reassigned to you and you want to understand what properties have changed, automatically or manually, since it entered the system. Or maybe a ticket's been doing the rounds and, as an admin, you'd like to see everything that has transpired, right from when the ticket landed on your helpdesk to when an agent responded and what followed. In these instances, you just need a quick snapshot of all the activity that has happened with regards to a single ticket.

The Activities button on the ticket details page displays a comprehensive log of all the activities that have happened on a ticket.

How to check ticket activity

  • Select any ticket from the Ticket List view page or Dashboard to see its details.
  • Click Show Activities.
  • In the normal mode, the ticket description, all conversations (replies/notes) and responses to the CSAT survey (if enabled) are visible.
  • On clicking the Activities button, replies/notes are collapsed automatically and the following activities become visible on the ticket:

1. Changes to default fields (Type, Status, Priority, Group, Agent, Product, and Source)
2. Changes to non-textual custom fields (Dropdown, Checkbox, Number, Date, Decimal, and Dependent)
3. Changes to textual custom fields including single-line and multi-line text fields (only timestamp)
4. Modifying the ticket subject or description (only timestamp)
5. Adding/removing tags
6. Adding watchers
7. Adding CCs to tickets
8. Splitting/merging tickets
9. Deleting tickets
10. Marking spam tickets
11. Restoring spam/trashed tickets
12. Editing/deleting private notes
13. Modifying timesheets
14. Modifying ticket Due By time
15. Sending email to requester/agent/group

Note: You can check the ticket description/reply/note even after enabling the Activities button individually by clicking on the corresponding note.

  • Changes will be reflected on the ticket irrespective of whether they were made manually, by system automations, scenario automations or via bulk actions.

  • To improve readability of the ticket history, concurrent activities will be grouped in a single block based on the time at which they occur.

  • For Admins, system activities (execution of Dispatch'r, Observer, Supervisor rules) will include the name of the rule as well as a hyperlink to the rule on the Admin page. Agents and supervisors will only be able to see which automation executed the rule in addition to the changes made.

Pagination in ticket activities

In the normal mode, if the number of responses/notes exceeds 3, the entire conversation, except the ticket description and the last three responses, is collapsed into a single expandable block. The expansion circle will indicate the number of responses in the conversation that have been collapsed.

When Activities is toggled ON, if the number of activities on a ticket (including replies and notes) exceeds 20, the remaining activities are collapsed into a single expandable block. In this mode, the expansion circle indicates the number of activities on the ticket that have been collapsed. To make it easier to track changes across the ticket, at a time 20 activities are expanded for every click of the expansion circle. For example, if a ticket has a total of 72 activities including responses/notes, it will take three clicks to expand all the activities.

Labeling ticket activities

Activity blocks are labeled based on the activity that is executed. The label will be visible in the top-right corner of the block.

For a block containing multiple activities, a single label will be added based on the following priority list:

Delete a ticket
Ticket Deleted
Mark as spam
Marked Spam
Restore a ticket from trash/spam
Ticket Restored
Change ticket status

Assign ticket to a specific agent
Agent Assigned
Reassign ticket to another agent
Agent Reassigned
Change ticket agent to None
Agent Unassigned
Change ticket priority

Assign ticket to a specific group/Change ticket group to None
Agent Group Changed
Associate ticket to a specific product/Change ticket product to None
Product Updated
Change ticket source
Ticket Source
Change ticket type
Ticket Type
Add/remove tags
Tag Updated
Execute a scenario automation
Scenario Executed
Add a watcher to a ticket
Watcher Added
Remove a watcher from a ticket
Watcher Removed
17 Change Due by time Due Date Updated