Sometimes, you may have to follow up with a customer and ask them if the issue they had was resolved. Other times, you might want to get more information to troubleshoot a problem, and your customers might ask you to call or reach out to them at a specific time when they're available. In such situations, you can create todos and remind yourself of things you need to do or follow up on, within Freshdesk. 

When you're working on a ticket, you can easily add todos from the right sidebar. If you'd like to call Sadie at 9 pm tomorrow to follow up and check if things are fine, you can create a todo and set a reminder against it. Once you add a todo, you can click 'Set reminder' to mark a date and time against it. 

Quick guide to adding to-dos and setting reminders:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account
  • Open the required ticket you are looking to add a to-do for
  • You'll find the To-Do panel on the extreme right of the ticket details page
  • Click on the panel for it to expand and add the required to-do
  • Once a to-do is added, click on the 'Set Reminder' option to add a reminder for that to-do

You'll receive an alert when the todo is due, via desktop notifications (you need to have enabled notifications from Freshdesk for this to work). You'll also receive an email from Freshdesk when there are todos due on a particular day.