Agents can create their own Scenarios, apart from being able to use the ones created by Admins. This way, based on the kind of tickets agents work with, they can create rules to perform multiple actions with a single click.

For example, agents dealing with refund tickets might have to send a canned response about the status of their refund and close tickets every time. They can create a personal scenario and reduce the work to a single click.

A quick guide to creating a personal scenario:

  • Click on the gear button on the left panel

  • Choose Scenarios
  • Click on the New Scenario button
  • Give your scenario a name
  • Add all the actions in the order they need to be performed on a ticket

  • Hit 'Save'
  • This scenario will be visible only to you.

Now, when you click on the Execute Scenario button on the ticket details page, you can see all the scenarios created by your admin for you and your own personal scenarios.