Often, you'll need to discuss a ticket with other agents, share progress internally, or log your updates for future reference. Freshdesk lets you add private notes to a ticket that are only visible to agents logged in to your support portal. You can even notify specific agents about the comments you just added.

Similarly, public notes let you share work in progress with the requester in a non-invasive manner.

A quick guide to adding private notes:

  • Open a ticket you want to add a note in. 

  • Click Add note.

  • Type the required content. You can also use rich text formatting to highlight, bullet and style your comments.
  • Attach a file if required by clicking on the Attachments icon.
  • A dialog box pops up which lets you browse through and choose the file.

  • Click on Open after selecting the appropriate file. 

  • Type the agents you wish to notify on this particular comment in the Notify Agents field. Remember that all logged-in agents will still be able to see your note, but only the agents you choose will receive an email notification.

  • Use the Mark note as dropdown to add the note as either Private (not visible to customers) or Public (visible to customer). By default, notes are added as Private.

  • Click Add Note.

  • You can also simultaneously add the note and resolve the ticket by clicking Add Note and set as Resolve.

  • Click Cancel to undo your changes. 

'@' mention:

Agents can also use ‘@‘ functionality and notify other agents inside a private note.

Whether you’re notifying a new agent via ticket or simply want to collaborate with multiple agents, this new feature allows you to save time and get things done easier. When you mention an agent inside a private note, the agent will get an email/desktop notification about the mention and the agent will be able to view the note. 

Note: In case the agent who is mentioned has restricted access, the agent will just get tagged but will not be able to view or access the ticket.