The concept of an Organization is central to the Freshworks Neo Admin Center. It brings all of your Freshworks product accounts together in one central place. It enables Organization admins to easily access all the accounts and users in a single dashboard. You can customize your Organization details like name, URL, logo, address, and more.

Organization binds all of your product accounts together

An Organizational Admin can define security policies and add/remove their users and accounts from
the Freshworks Neo Admin Center. All Freshdesk Account Administrators automatically become Organization Admins. Here are key feature capabilities provided to an Organization Admins. 

Key feature capabilities for Organization Admins

  • Organization Admins within Neo Admin Center can update user profile details, configure security policies, import accounts from another Freshworks organization, or change the Organization URL
  • Organization Admins can grant or revoke Organization Admin Privileges to/from another user
  • Freshdesk account admins will not be automatically converted into Organization Admins. They must be granted privileges by an existing Organization Admin.

What’s Changing for Agents?

A Unified Login Page: If your organization uses password/Google login, both web and mobile login will now redirect to the login page configured for your organization. If they use SSO, they will be directly taken to the SSO page.

User Activation from Portal: If a new Freshdesk agent is created, an activation email will be sent from the Freshworks organization with a “create profile” request.

A Centralized Profile: Agents can update their first name, last name, job title, work phone, mobile phone, and profile picture from their Freshworks profile. The image from here will be used in their profile across all Freshworks products in the organization. Agents will need to modify some other profile attributes like language, timezone, signature, etc. from their Freshdesk profile. 

Freshworks Switcher: The Switcher will show users other accounts/products that they can access under the same Freshworks organization. Freshdesk Agents will now see the Freshworks Switcher on the bottom left corner of their screen. 

Read this guide to learn how to set-up your Neo Admin Center Account.

Login screen to access your Neo Admin Center account

Transfer accounts to your organization

All your users in one central location

What’s changing for contacts?

Login experience :

Login screen to access your Neo Admin Center account

  • Contacts can log in via Password/Google/Facebook/Twitter login from the Freshdesk customer portal. This experience will not change.
  • Once you set up SSO configuration for contacts from the Neo Admin Center dashboard, an “Are you a customer?” link will be visible for contacts which will redirect users to the configured identity provider
  • Alternatively, the identity provider page for contacts can be accessed via
  • For a seamless transition, previously-configured SSO that had already been set up on Freshdesk will continue to function until you migrate to the Neo Admin Center dashboard. Your old SSO configuration will be deprecated on March 31st, 2021. We recommend that you reconfigure your SSO policies from the Organization dashboard within the Neo Admin Center before that date.

Additional preliminary steps for a seamless migration:

Help us migrate you seamlessly to Freshworks Neo Admin Center by ensuring the following:

Unblock domains and emails: 

If you have a network or email firewall in place, ensure that and are unblocked.

Inform your employees about the change: 

As these changes will affect your agents and end-users, we will provide you a two-week notice before we migrate your account, during which you can communicate these changes to your team.

Merge products into one Organization: 

Post-migration, ensure that all your Freshworks product accounts are mapped to your central organization.