What are webhooks?

A Webhook is a “callback” to an application or web service that is triggered when a specific event occurs. That means you can setup a webhook to look for a specific update, change or action to occur in your helpdesk and it will automatically push the information you specify to the place you want.

I received an email saying it was dropped. Why was it dropped?
Freshdesk allows you to setup as many webhooks for event triggers as you want, but will execute only 1000 webhook requests in one hour. So if you schedule more than 1000 in one hour, you will hit your rate limits, and any webhook calls beyond your rate limit will be postponed to the next hour. 

If more webhooks are triggered within the hour, then depending on the timing, the excess webhooks from the previous hour may be postponed or executed. If a webhook is postponed from execution for more than 24 hours, then it will be dropped.

How I can prevent a webhook from being dropped?

Increase your helpdesk's rate limits. Email us at support@freshdesk.com for more details. You may be charged for any increase in rate limits provided to your helpdesk depending on your plan.


What webhooks will contribute to meeting my rate limit?

Any webhook you may have setup within your helpdesk - be it from Dispatch'r or Observer - or even external webhooks from Zapier and TimeCamp will contribute to your meeting these rate limits. 

I received an email saying "Please recheck the webhook settings in your account". Why?
When you configured webhooks for your Dispatch'r or Observer rules, you may have entered an incorrect URL. Please confirm that you have entered the right URL for those webhooks and setup those rules correctly.

If you are still facing errors, please contact us at support@freshdesk.com