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To access Ticket notifications, go to three-dotted menu> Settings. The users can find the agent name, email ID & URL that has been logged in. 

Agent Availability Toggle:

The agent availability toggle can be switched off, if the agent does not wish to get tickets assigned to them. Read how to enable the toggle for agents.

Notification Settings:

To control the notifications you want to receive, go to Settings > Notification Settings

Select the actions for which you wish to receive notifications. You can receive notifications for

  • Status update on your tickets

  • New responses to your tickets

  • When tickets are assigned to your group or to you

  • When new tickets are created 

  • Notes that you get tagged in


  1. The person making changes won't receive notifications on their device for that change.

  2. Notifications that have been read won't be automatically cleared. You need to click the trash button on your mobile to empty it.

  3. In case your phone does not notify or your phone keeps missing notifications, please log out and log in. 

Share Feedback


Should you have some suggestions or issues that you'd like to report to Freshdesk, use the Feedback button. Your feedback will be sent to the Freshdesk support team as a ticket.


To find the privacy policy and terms of use, and attributions, click About.

Click on Logout to logout from the app.

Note: The following 6 notifications will be pushed to live on android devices, while the rest of the notifications will come depending on when you use the phone (due to the doze mode in android)

  • Reminders on first response
  • Reminders on resolution time
  • Escalations on first response
  • Escalations on resolution time
  • Reminders on next response
  • Escalations on next response

What is Doze mode?

Doze mode is a feature introduced by Android devices starting from Android 6.0 (API level 23). This was introduced as a power-saving feature to extend battery life for users by managing how apps behave when a device is not connected to a power source. Doze reduces battery consumption by deferring background CPU and network activity for apps when the device is unused for long periods of time.

While the device is in Doze, apps' access to certain battery-intensive resources is deferred until maintenance windows. 

If a user leaves a device unplugged and stationary for a period of time, with the screen off, the device enters Doze mode. In Doze mode, the system attempts to conserve battery by restricting apps' access to network and CPU-intensive services. 

As soon as the user wakes the device by moving it, turning on the screen, or connecting a charger, the system exits Doze and all apps return to normal activity.

FCM high-priority messages let you reliably wake your app to access the network, even if the user’s device is in Doze

Disabling the doze mode for the Freshdesk app will fetch you all push notifications live. Here’s how to do it.

Open the Settings app and tap Battery. Tap the Options menu button (the three dots in the upper right), then tap Battery optimization. Tap the downward-pointing arrow, then tap All apps from the menu that appears. Next, tap the name of the app for which you want to switch off Doze mode, and in the box that appears, tap Don’t optimize. Once you’re done, tap Done.

The settings might vary from device to device. Please refer to your Original Equipment Manufacturer guide to customize settings.