With the Freshdesk Android app, tapping on ticket or contact links from other applications, such as Slack or Whatsapp, automatically directs you to the respective content within the Freshdesk app. However, it's important to note that deeplinks work only with default URLs in the format of WeSupport.freshdesk.com. Vanity URLs, such as WeSupport.mycompany.com, are not compatible with deeplinks. If you attempt to access your tickets using a vanity URL, your device will redirect you to the browser login page instead of opening the ticket in the Freshdesk app.

Enabling Deeplinks:

  1. The first time you tap on a ticket link, a prompt will appear, giving you the option to open it in either the browser or the Freshdesk app. 
  2. By selecting Freshdesk and choosing the Always option, all future ticket links you tap on will automatically open in the Freshdesk app. 

Considerations for In-App Browsers:

Certain applications, such as Hangouts, incorporate in-app browsers that automatically handle all HTTP links. In such cases, ticket links will be opened by the in-app browser rather than the Freshdesk app. Be aware of this behavior to ensure a consistent experience across different apps.

You can download the Android app and refer to our FAQs about the Freshdesk Android App for any further queries or clarifications.