Once you login to the Freshdesk app, you will see the ticket list. The ticket list view displays the priority (low, medium, high, urgent), status (open, closed, pending), and team to which it has been assigned to.  

Swiping a ticket left allows you to pickup (assign to the agent themselves), close, delete, and mark spam that particular ticket.

You can find the other ticket views by clicking on .

Ticket functionalities

Long Press

Long press a ticket to perform the following functions in bulk

  • Assign the ticket to an agent

  • Close tickets with or without notifying the customers.

  • Delete the tickets

  • Perform scenarios on the tickets.

  • Mark the ticket as spam

  • Or merge two tickets together.

You can also perform all the above actions in bulk by selecting multiple tickets.

Creating New Ticket: 

Click on the ‘+’ button on the bottom right of the home screen. The pop-up in the bottom right corner has the following options:

  • New contact

  • New Email

  • New Ticket 

Click on the new ticket option. 

  • Search for the name of the customer for whom you are creating the ticket and fill it in the “search a requester” column. If the customer is new, create a contact using the icon present at the right end of the option.

  • Enter a description of what the ticket is created for. You can attach photos or files to the ticket by clicking on the attach file icon below the description to give context for the ticket. 

  • Based on what’s configured for your account, fill in the necessary details and click on the create ticket icon.

Once the new ticket is created, you can access the ticket and work on it like all other tickets. 

Creating New Email:

  • Click on the + button at the right bottom of ticket views, and select new email.

  • If you have multiple emails configured in your account, choose the email ID you want the mail to be sent from, in the From option

  • Enter the recipient’s email ID in the To option.

  • Add a description. You can add files as attachment using the paperclip icon.

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