The Freshdesk iOS app lets you provide support on the go anytime you want from your iPad. You can resolve issues anytime, even outside working hours at ease.


Logging In

In order to login to your app, you need to specify your helpdesk domain name, your agent email address and password. Your domain name is You can also use vanity URLs you may have set up on your own domain (e.g. to login to the app directly.


options

You can sign-in to your account using either one of the following methods based on what’s configured in your account:

  • customized SSO

  • Email ID registered with Freshdesk

  • Social sign-in using Google 


If you have trouble logging in to your account, check our FAQs.


Logging Out

To log out of your account, click on the Settings option at the bottom left of the app and click Sign out.