The mobile app empowers agents to receive instant notifications and support your customers from anywhere, anytime. Push notifications can be configured on both iOS & Android apps as per the agents ’preferences. Click here to know more about notification settings.

Freshdesk mobile app now gives you the convenience to schedule the notifications for a particular time period. With remote working, and round the clock support becoming the new norm, agents are bombarded with constant notifications. There is a definite need in today’s times to maintain work-life balance across all industries.

This feature allows the agents to set the time period during which they wish to receive notifications. During the other times, notifications are not delivered to the devices, though users can open the app and view updates at any time.

To configure this feature:

  • Go to app settings and click on 'Notification Schedule'.
  • Click on the ‘Schedule’ option to set the time period for notifications. 
  • You have four options to choose from:
  • Always - Receive notifications on all days, all the time
  • Daily - Receive notifications on all days from a particular start to end time.
  • Weekdays - Receive notifications from Monday to Friday, from a particular start to end time.
  • Custom - Receive notifications on selected days, from a particular start to end time.

  1. The default schedule is 'Always'.
  2. If you choose all days or Monday to Friday in the custom selection, the entry will get saved under Daily/Weekdays appropriately. 
  3. Depending on the schedule, you can select the start time (hours & minutes) and end time (hours & minutes) for the days selected. Agents working in late/night shifts can set the end times for the next day.
  4. The times selected will be in the agent timezone.
  5. When the app goes into quiet mode, it will be indicated with an icon on the profile picture.

    Green: Auto-assignment & availability toggle present for the agent, availability is ON
    Grey: Auto-assignment & availability toggle present for the agent, availability is OFF
    Blue: Auto-assignment is off (In this case the turn ON/OFF toggle itself will not be displayed to the agents)
  6. If an agent has received notifications during the quiet time, they will receive a notification 'You may have unread notifications.' at the end of the quiet time. They can access the notifications list on the app.
  7. During quiet time, the agent can use the app as usual and access newly notified tickets if they wish to.
  8. If an agent has not given notification permission on their device, the agent will be notified of the same on the features page.