Parent Child ticketing helps businesses resolve issues faster by allowing agents to divide a ticket into smaller sub-tickets, that can be worked on in parallel by different agents.

Let's say your business takes on a new client. A lot of due diligence happens before your teams begin working on the briefing of the client: market research, background checks, legal overviews and so on. These are tasks that most of your team will work on in parallel. 

Now, most teams make do by creating a ticket request and forwarding it to different teams and following up with them. However, with parent-child ticketing, an agent can create sub-tickets with multiple tasks for different teams to complete - they can divide the parent ticket of due diligence into child tickets - background check, market research etc. and assign it to the individual teams.

This way, not only is there increased accountability and visibility for agents but the overall resolution time can be reduced, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Quick guide to set up Parent Child Ticketing:

  • Login to your Freshdesk portal as an Administrator
  • Go to Admin > Support Operations > Advanced Ticketing
  • Enable the toggle for Parent-Child Ticketing

Parent Child Ticketing will now be enabled in your account.