Natero Integration and Onboarding Process

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This article provides an overview of key milestones throughout the Natero integration and onboarding process to help you keep track of each stage and plan internal resources accordingly.

The data integration timeline lays out 3 key steps that need to be completed to successfully integrate your data with Natero.    

The onboarding plan lays out various training sessions that you can leverage to configure the product for your specific business needs, gain in-depth knowledge of the Natero platform and understand how to map your processes onto the tools available in Natero.

Data Integration Timeline (1-4 Weeks)

Integration refers to the process of connecting all of your relevant customer data to Natero which includes two broad categories: product usage and account details. Learn more.

Please ensure you have the engineering resources to complete these steps within the expected timeframes.

  1. MUST READ: Choosing an effective account ID
  2. MUST READ: Choosing the Accounts System of Record
  3. MUST READ: Natero dimensions and metrics
  4. Authorize Natero for access to 3rd party systems. Learn more.
  5. Determine method for product integration (JS Library, REST API or Segment).
  6. Identify modules and features to be tracked. Learn more.
  7. Schedule development resources.

Step 1: Collect Integration Details

You’ll be asked to provide credentials to 3rd party systems. Our integration engineers will then review your data and schedule an integration call to go over the details.

After the integration call, our engineer will draft an integration statement of work (SOW) for both sides to track and complete the needed work.

Step 2: System Integration

  1. Customer verifies and completes the SOW items.
  2. Natero verifies and completes the SOW items.
  3. Natero completes product event data processing.

Step 3: Data Review Call

The purpose of this meeting is to quickly review your data in Natero to make sure it is processed and displayed correctly. The kick-off meeting will be scheduled following the completion of the data integration.

During this meeting, we’ll show you where your data resides and how it is mapped in Natero. We’ll also invite you to help identify any data that needs to be adjusted or corrected in the integration so you have what you need to configure the product properly.

Onboarding Training Plan (4-6 Weeks)

The onboarding process involves various training sessions that you can leverage to configure the product for your specific business needs and gain in-depth knowledge of the Natero platform.

Phase 1: Alerts and Playbooks

During this training, you will learn how to configure alerts and playbooks to make your team more proactive and data driven in account management. You’ll also learn how to effectively manage alerts and alert tasks for your accounts.

Phase 2: Account Health Score

During this phase, you will learn how to configure your health score to get a top-level view of your accounts and drive the attention of the team.

Phase 3: Workflows and Emails

During this phase we will show you how to define workflows and email campaigns (if enabled for your account). Workflows help you track accounts through their lifecycle stages and important milestones, such as onboarding, QBRs, renewals, etc. Email campaigns enable scaled outreach to your customers through Natero. This phase is focused on helping you improve your lifecycle processes to keep customers more engaged.

Phase 4: Customer Analytics

During this phase we will show you the various analytics capabilities within Natero. By the end of this phase you should understand the use-cases of each of Natero’s charting types and be able to create the basic charts you need to track your most important KPIs on an ongoing basis.

During this first training session we will walk you through the creation of charts and lists based on your KPIs.

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